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An ICT Industry Collaborative Response

to a global and national issue

The South African Digital Industry, as a multi-stakeholder community , has established an Industry Task Force in response to the COVID19 pandemic.

Under the leadership and guidance of the FTTx Council Africa, an established industry association focused on high speed telecommunications infrastructure, it is providing administrative support and overall management of this Task Force.

  • To develop a response from the Digital sector to provide support to relevant state structures, business sectors and society at large at this time of Covid-19.
  • To facilitate collaboration between stakeholders in the Digital Sector
  • To ensure that people working in the industry, SMME’s and other entities are able to function efficiently during the lockdown 

Digital sector or any other sector which may be impacted by ICT’s.


The Digital Industry Task Force is an open, democratic and transparent group made up of companies and individuals who wishes to participate in working groups with a focus to:

  1. Flatten the curve;
  2. Combat the pandemic;

The main aim is to support the functions of government at a sectoral level.

ICT Industry Rises To The COVID-19 Challenge

Dear Colleagues,

Over the past few weeks, members from the ICT Industry have risen to the unprecedented challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic with remarkable generosity, patience and creativity, as we entered unprecedented times. As an industry we immediately acted and set up a COVID19 ICT Task Team to bring some structure to the industry during this time and sub streams were implemented to provide government with specific support. Our Team Leads have shown tremendous resolve and have worked around the clock under extremely stressful circumstances to help guide government and the industry as a whole. We are grateful to them.

Since the start of the pandemic we have been inundated with questions relating to the various regulations that was passed and its impact on the industry. The aim of this platform is to act as a centralised repository for the dissemination of accurate information so that we as an industry is clear on our mandate and act in accordance with the law while making every effort to combat this disease.

Please send us your questions and we will add them to the FAQ section so that all can benefit from the clarification.

A reminder that all are welcomed to participate in the streams that have been set up.

Regards, Andile Ngcaba